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Forest Hill Raceway

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Forest Hill Raceway has been about three years in the making and it isn't anywhere near done yet…..time and money tend to be needed elsewhere too often!.

The Track:
The track was originally designed on "SLOT TD" software and once laid out on the floor, extra bits were added in. I've used a combination of SCX and Scalex Classic (except for the Sport powerbases). Each lane measures 28.2 metres (or 92' 7"). Lanes 2 & 3 are longer by 10mm according to the SLOTMAN planner I now use. 8.46 seconds is the lap record for Scalex Aussie V8's……… far

The track spent about 6 months on the floor of my shed getting used often so, by the time I got around to building the tables, it was well tested.

The Tables:
The bench that runs across the back wall (approx 4 metres) is permanent with detachable tables that run the length of the side walls (4.4 metres each). The side with "Carruthers Loop" (see track diagram) is one long table. The other side is two tables that come apart.

All the tables are lightweight I used 42mmx19mm pine for the frames and 3mm mdf for the table surface. The tables were designed to suit the layout and can be dismantled. All the legs are detachable.

This early pic shows the tables and initial elevations

Power and Timing:
At present I use four DC wall warts into two Scalex Sport powerbases that have been modded to bypass the bridge converter. Every time I get enough money to by a serious regulated DC power supply some mongrel company releases a few "must have" cars……same goes for the standard "Sport" controllers (which suck IMHO) which will be replaced by Parma Econo 45ohm units (eventually) or a Scalex unit IF they make 'em with a 30 ohm resistor in a more ergonomic handle. Or maybe the new FLY ones???

I inherited an old PC which runs a DINGO TIMER program. Very simple to use and manages rotation races, power on/off etc… The LED/Sensor pairs are mounted in the track but are prone to the occasional miss. Some cars fail to register at high speed so I've started work on a light bridge similar to the DS unit to trigger the laps. The monitor is wall mounted so everyone can see whats happening.

The layout:
There are some tricky corners, particularly "Hells Gate" which is a reducing radius down hill series, "The Complex" which is a mirror image of "Hells Gate" minus the chicane and "The Flipper" which is a mirror image of the nasty chicane piece at "Hells Gate". "G'zunder" is a blind left/right at the end of a fast straight which must be taken with respect……

Carruthers Loop

There are several elevation changes. I used 3mm mdf cut to the shape of the track and a series of wooden risers to achieve the elevations. All the corners are either positive camber or neutral.

A pair of SCX Le Mans starts are used as a pit area.

There are a few Scalex buildings dotted around the track and figures at strategic points. So far, I've surrounded most of the track with sheet polystyrene foam. I'm going for a mix of effects such as a bluestone wall at the corner called "The Cutting", bare rock face, brickwork at "G'zover/G'zunder" grassed areas and some tarmac at Pit Straight and "the Spur" . When I'm done, this will be covered with a plaster wash, painted and grassed, treed and generally prettied up. Trouble is, the track is so much fun to race on, I get sidetracked…..must focus….


The Cutting

The Spur

I also will be putting a clear perspex wall around the outside edges.

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Thanks John.

Funny, but I actually toyed with the idea of a snow circuit. But my pet 1/32 scale crocodile veto'd that plan (He lives at "Brock's" where he terrorises a pair of campers

The stone wall at "The Cutting" was made by shaping idunnohowmany bricks and sticking them piece by piece to a base curved to follow the track.

I've got some blue/black paint with silver flecks in it that should reasonably approximate bluestone to finish it off.

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Thanks all. The scenery is well advanced now so it no longer looks like a snow field!

I have no idea how much I've spent on the track. A lot of the track was second hand and is the result of a few years trading, buying, gifts from sympathetic relatives and friends and so on.

I'm reluctant to put a figure on it incase the wife checks these posts!!!


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Hi all. Finally got the computer working again (yay for broadband!!)

Here are some updates:
Men at work at Carruthers loop.

Other side of Carruthers loop.

Campers at Brock's.

Close up of campers.

Stonework at The Cutting.

The run up to Carruthers Loop.

Looking back from The Flipper

Gravel Trap at the end of Brabbham Straight. Awww the poor little Volvo got bent....

The Pit area.

First aid at the spur. The structure in the background is the light bridge for the timing sensors.

Still a little bit to do. Need more people and more trees and shrubbery.

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The brown "log" lurking on the left side of pic 3. They won't know what bit 'em

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