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Formula 1. Round 3. Race 7 (aka The Superglue Challenge)

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Last night saw the final round, round three, of our Formula 1 Championship. To say it was a ' crash fest' is an under statement. Lots of cars were badly damaged - hence the title.
Several cars got airbourne, flying onto the floor and a spectacular display by Ian's Stewart F1 leaving the track and coming to rest in the kitchen, it was then a case of 'hunt the rear wing'.

The NSR, Scaleauto and WSR chassis'd cars are extremely quick, hence the carnage when they touch wheels.

Well done to Steve, his first F1 A final win. (y)

Seventeen drivers contested the race with some surprising results.

Race results as follows -

STEVE 25 pts
KEN 24 including fastest lap of 5.850 sec's on red lane(y)
IAN R 21
ALF 18(y)
MIKE 14馃槥
ALAN 10:(

Tonight is round 3 of our Classic Championship, this time for Sports/Gt's.

Next week we start all over again with Slot it round 4.
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Like to also add honourable crash mentions for Mike & Herbie with his car leaving the track boundary for '6'
Alf beat me twice last night in the heats, I didn't want to add a 3rd time in the final! Weird how some cars performed better at the end of the night & not at the start.

Have a good week, see you for slot it next weds
I had a hell of a race with Steve in the A final. He was just too quick for me but I seemed to pick up some dust on my rear tyres that may have helped him. All in all a top night's racing, all conducted in friendly good spirits.
I was not best pleased that my brand new SCX Jaguar F1 shell was damaged by the first of two trips to the floor neither entirely my fault. The first trip to the floor was caused by hitting a stranded car on the warm up lap of all things, the 2nd a marshalling error. SCX Jaguars are very rare and they fetch silly money on Ebay or from dealers so a replacement is not an economic option, I found the one I have on an auction site in Spain. My Stewart F1 faced a similiar fate the 1st time I raced that last year.

Why don't we switch the power off as soon as someone, anyone calls "Wrong lane". Done quickly this could save a damaged car or a screwed up computer result which we never manage to sort out properly. This simple change could make a massive difference.

Despite the fragility of the cars, I love F1 now as unlike some of our other classes -open wheel makes it unique with plenty of choice as Mike mentioned.
In my diary to be announced on Wednesday re track calls. Mike
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