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Trying to put my finger on why it's annoying.. (but remember I do watch every race)...
1. The commentators.
They clearly think that them being excited will make for a better spectacle. This isn't the case at all. I need very knowledgeable commentators, preferably ex drivers. The best by far are David Coulthard and Mark Webber with close second. They know what is happening and pick things up that I cannot see. Instead with formula e I know what is happening more than they see it seems...
2. The energy management.
Is clearly all done for effect. The cars don't stop when they reach 0% and they get fan boost and the drive through boost thingy, without stopping to recharge.
It's nonsense.
If they reach 0% they should stop and there shouldn't be any in-race boosts.
I know all racing has fuel management but clearly this is staged and stops a lot of the racing....
3. The circuits should allow more diving rather than following. Just widden it out and people would be passing ALL the time. Since the energy is so close between cars and the is no aero or tyre strategy the cars are very close together which I like. So just widen the track and it would be mayhem... Or not... Maybe we'd really see who can drive.

There, 3 discussion points to start.

I have no issue with noise, tyres, parking lot circuit locations... Couldn't care less, but want to see drivers going to the max.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts