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Hi All

Please see below for results from last Friday:-

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

Automotive design Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper Trunk Computer Computer monitor Personal computer Output device Computer monitor accessory

Race report:-

It is always interesting in this catagory to see how different people approach the thought of a winning car with only two rules, hard body and non sponge tyres. As we can see from the pictures there are three totaly different cars , all have won and the winner this week was a bog standard NSR , second was a totaly scratch built chassis and third a a highly modified JK chassis, what is also interesting is that a 21k motor beat a 37k and a 35k motor. In the "B" final was Brian, Sue and Robbie,Brian took the lead with what was obviously the fastest car but was suffering from tyre trouble (again) and both front wheels falling off didn't help, but behind Sue and Robbie were having a rare old tussle Sue having the slightly slower but much better handling car slowly pulled away from Robbie and thats how it finished, Brian 1st, Sue 2nd and Robbie 3rd.In the "A" final was Dave, Steve, Greg and Josh. Dave went into the lead and at the end of the second segment was only 4/100ths of a lap up on Steve who was just over a lap up on Greg who was driving a standard Slot it Ferrari 312 with a 20k motor (and at one time took the lead) and 10 laps behind was Josh with a car that was not well, but after it had the tyres cleaned and the braids sorted was a different car, in the third segment Steve managed to get past Dave and thats how everyone finished, Steve 1st, Dave 2nd, Greg 3rd and Josh 4th. Driver of the night is Steve for his win against potentialy much faster cars. The top three were Steve, Dave and Brian.

See you all next time Sandy xx


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