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Formula Libre - 25th January 2019

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Formula Libre - 25th January 2019

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Race Report:-

With Sandy deciding not to race (saving herself for Corby next week) it left 7 of us to race the last of the hard body classes. We decided to race 3 finals to help with the marshalling and in the "C" final were Mr and Mrs Parker Ralph and Sue, Ralph having the faster car soon built up a lead on Sue which he never lost but there were some good dices when they came together. In the "B" final was Steve and Ian, it was Ian who took the lead in the 1st segment but Steve took it back in the second and that's how they finished. In the "A" final was Brian driving his new scratch built Lola T70, Greg driving the Ligier he had just bought off Ralph and Dave with his trusty old Camaro with new tyres. It was Brian who was in the lead after the 1st segment followed by Greg and Dave but there was only just over a 1/4 of a lap between all three, in the second segment Brian had managed to eke out a few hundreths more over Greg and Greg the same over Dave and that is how they finished. Driver of the night goes to Greg for a good performance that he had not driven until 10 minutes before the race and the top 3 were Brian, Greg and Dave.

See you all soon Sandy xx


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