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· David H
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I've noticed that a lot of successful businessmen drive powerful sports cars and are fat. From that you can deduce that for the average employee, the power to weight ratio is approximately 1:1 or 1000bhp per tonne of bodyweight (80kg bodyweight with an 80bhp car). For the successful businessman, the average power to weight ratio is 4:1 or 4000bhp per tonne of bodyweight (125kg bodyweight with a 500bhp car). The ratio remains the same in 1/32 scale.

Are you an employee or a businessman?

· Rich Dumas
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The power of slot car motors is easy to calculate if you have the complete motor specifications. NSR puts the necessary information right on the motor. There is a site with actual test results for many of the available motors: Motor Tests
If you multiply half the stall torque in g-cm by half the no load RPMs and divide that by 100,000 you will get the power in watts. 746 watts equals 1 HP. A orange endbell motor works out to 0.012 HP. If the car weighs 77g that would be 0.077kg and the weight to horsepower ratio would be 6.42kg per HP.

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OK, got all that, and should have really know it.

Take this little Sloter Lola sitting in front of me. Does she not look grand.
Weight is 62.12. according to SCN page, the MB Slot KRAHS 23 (FC-130) 23,955 RPM/12v (Under my own test of this motor, she hits 22,126)
268 gcm/12v, 16.1W/12v. Thats a lot of torque.
So, 16.1/62.12 = 0.27 WPG

My slot it F40. Teal motor. Slot.It V12/3 "blue/teal endbell" (FC-130) 19,500 RPM/12v, tested 19,232-21,025 RPM/12v, 130 gcm/12v, tested 150 gcm/12v, tested 7.3W/12v
Weight is 80.01 - 7.3/80.01 = 0.09 WPG

My NSR Mosler. NSR Shark (FC-130) 30,000 RPM/12v, 210 gcm/12v, 15.8W/12v
Weight is 71.83 - 15.8/71.83 = 0.22 WPG

So the little Lola comes out on top. Correct????

The Mosler and the Lola are not that far off each other. The F40. no comment.

No magnets. Lets KIS

This is just a bit of fun, to add to slot cars. along with type of tyrs, corners, track is made of this. etc.
Putting this Lola upagainest the likes of NSR Moslers will be fun. Like Chapman at Indi.

QUOTE (Dopamine @ 29 Mar 2012, 15:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Are you an employee or a businessman?

I work for myself. So you could say, I'm both.
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