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Formula One Scalextric Track Plans

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Dont you think more people should be trying to recreate and reproduce the authenticity of the brilliant race circuits of Formula One or rally stages etc, for all to see and apprecite? If I go on youtube to watch Scalextric videos (which I do), it is these things I want people to have done for me to watch and enjoy. Even though I dont have my own house to do this properly with the gradients and scenery of certain track circuits, I have created all the Formula One circuits from the 2010 season and put them on youtube for all to marvel over how enjoyable making these Scalextric circuits can be to race and watch, and think about the potential (one day in my case), recreate completely authentically with scenery gradients and more then anything, realism. Please check out my youtube videos and and to this discussion. thanks
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I've just been exploring your circuits in UR3, and they are superb. Thank you for saving me many an hour of design work!

I often think it would be fun to recreate each F1 track as the season goes on, and hold a mirror race series. I just don't have anywhere to do it (among other issues).
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