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Tony - Indeed, well spotted, I will blame the way I have excel setup (it predicts dates) as well as a senior moment!

Funny, as I have never been one of those guys who writes last year's date on cheques in early January.

Andy - You have emails from me outstanding, do you intend to answer them?

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Here is the latest list of confirmed EAHORC dates and venues for the 2014/15 season:

October 19th HONK at Viking SCC, Faversham
November 30th HOGP at Pinewood Raceway
January 25th @ SCHORC
March 1st @ Orpington (HONK)
April 26th @ Newbury (FLBT)
May 9th @ WHO
June 7th @ SCHORC

Andy w
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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