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Forum improvements. Suggestions wanted.

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The new year dawns and the forum is still here, in a better place than this time last year. The software upgrade has enabled us to do a lot of things but we are well aware that the forum is not perfect. The mods have been discussing ways to improve things further but this is your forum so we would like to hear any suggestions you might have for additions/amendments which would enhance your experience of it.

Feel free to post your suggestions here. We will try to implement anything worthwhile but please remember that not everything is within our power to deliver.
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I'd like a smarter Search tool. Many of us have commented on the wealth of brilliant posts from the past - these are sometimes very hard to find. Addition of an 'and' and 'not' editor to the search would help a lot and ways of ordering the results - sometimes the one you're after is miles down a huge list.

Oh yes please!
Back in the good old days (I'm joking, I'm joking!), it was relatively easy to contact the moderators. I may be staring at something right in front of me,but I can't for the life of me see the "Contact mod" button or "the mods for this forum are...." listed in the forum page.

Is it the view I'm using, perhaps?
thanks for those tips gents - I'll have a look tomorrow.

Yes, little and often soon adds up to lots of improvements. Keep at it, it's a huge improvement over the older version.
Does anybody else have this issue?
Not sseing these issues on iPad, PC (Win10) or Android. Sounds like browser settings may be causing the issue.
1 - 4 of 94 Posts
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