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Forum improvements. Suggestions wanted.

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The new year dawns and the forum is still here, in a better place than this time last year. The software upgrade has enabled us to do a lot of things but we are well aware that the forum is not perfect. The mods have been discussing ways to improve things further but this is your forum so we would like to hear any suggestions you might have for additions/amendments which would enhance your experience of it.

Feel free to post your suggestions here. We will try to implement anything worthwhile but please remember that not everything is within our power to deliver.
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The only thing that I can think of is a multiple picture capture when uploading. Doing them one at a time can take a while. For the magazines like Model cars that would help speed it up with so many pages.

If there is this capability already it would be good to know how. I just tried it with four but it would only let me select one at a time.

I've tried every combination I can think of and it still only lets me do one at a time with the browse function. If I dump them into the window from the desktop, it loads them all in but won't let me either preview or post.

PS. Just tried again in case I wasn't waiting for them to upload but when previewing, it says that I am not allowed to use that extension on this community! JPEGS as usual.

PPS. Aha.....just tried the advanced uploader which demanded I allow it use Flash..........aggghhhhhhhh.......sorry Steve........and that allowed me to select multiples with the usual shift and select.
Testing testing...yup


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I have no other problems with a desktop Mac running the latest system - 10.13.2 - it all draws properly. It was only the multiple posts that required a bit of jiggery. We don't have iPads so can't comment on that system.
The 'new content' selection has started taking an age to load. This is in Firefox. In the past it was always almost instantaneous.

This is definitely reinforcing my somewhat negative view of Google.
I don't think refusing to criticise is particularly helpful. As you say, this is the best forum bar none. However, before the change to Google Drive, I had no complaints whatsoever. I am merely cataloguing the changes that have occurred.

There is no way I would stop using the forum because of speed problems. Feedback is useful as it allows the tech people to fix problems and maybe improve the experience.
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What makes it hang is 'waiting for'. So definitely a Google thang!
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