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Sorting through my father's loft, we came across the following Scalextric set. There was no original box, but an envelope marked "SCALEXTRIC '60' SET INSTRUCTIONS", so I assume this is all/part of the '60' set(?). It all looks in good condition considering its age and the fact it's been played with. I have tested it and the power unit and everything seems to work well (although I think the cars could do with some general maintenance- braids replaced, etc).

Set includes:
1 x C/75 Mercedes 190SL car (missing rear bumper & a small section of front bumper)
1 x C/93 Austin Healey 3000 car (missing rear bumper)
2 x PT/59 short straight track
10 x PT/51 curved track
6 x PT/60 long straight track (one with start/finish line)
1 x A/212 start and finish banner complete with box
6 x A246 crash barriers
9 x Green plastic banking plates
1 x Smoothflow 2.5 AMP power unit
2 x A/265 Controllers
2 x chequered design "Shell" sponsored racing barriers
Original instructions in envelope, stamped "SCALEXTRIC '60' SET INSTRUCTIONS"

Can anyone provide any information on this set? Is it particularly rare?
I really like the cars, though don't really have the room to store it. If I were to sell, what would be a fair price to ask for the set?

Many thanks for your help. Any information much appreciated.


Jim Moyes
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Keep the cars - they are the only thing of any value and won't take up much room.

Even if the set had been in it's original box it would have only been worth the value of the two cars.

I doubt if the set would have come with a standard Merc 190 and a "race-tuned" Healey so one of the c-numbers is probably wrong.

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Hi JimmyK,
welcome to the forum,
nice find.
I would keep the cars as MrM says and I would think somebody
would be interested in the boxed start finish banner aswell.
Also you can buy replacement bumpers for the cars if you wanted.

Phil Smith
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QUOTE I doubt if the set would have come with a standard Merc 190 and a "race-tuned" Healey so one of the c-numbers is probably wrong.

It is quite common for the C93/94 race tuned cars to be marked C74/75 on the bodies, I guess they didn't change the tooling straight away when the race tuned cars were introduced.
Both cars look to be the original race tuned cars that came with the set.
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