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Four Lane Cross overs for Spain

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Just had info on the New Le Mans track pack from Tecnitoys.

It includes the Le Mans start (as last year) but also a 'X' cross over section to allow for four lane starting.

These items seem to go for mad prices on Ebay (not anymore?).

The bad news? - Spain only (at this time).

Can't grab a photo from their web site, but go to and check the new section.

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This should kick those ridiculous Ebay prices into touch.
It will also be interesting to see how well these parts actually sell, now that they are available at a fairly reasonable price. I suspect not very well. I have never believed that all the ranting and raving to bring back these parts was created by anything but a tiny minority who alter their personal desirability rating for something purely on the basis of whether it can be obtained or not. ie if it's readily available, it's not desirable at all and if it's not available, it immediately goes to the top of their wish list, completely regardless of whether the item is either practical or useable in their own situation.
Being in a tiny majority is perfectly OK, Steve - it isn't any form of criticism.
More a recognition of the likely reality of a situation.
People who build circuits good enough to display in SF Resources are definitely in a minority and that's equally definitely a compliment.

I am simply amused at the irony that, after years of wailing and gnashing of teeth, a manufacturer produces the goods at a fair price, only to possibly (probably?) find that there isn't much of a real market for them after all, as the exploitative profiteers are completely nullified, leaving only the genuine enthusiasts, who value the accessories for themselves rather than the potential profit from their resale.
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What is a little surprising is that SCX have issued these pieces in the 'classic' track range, rather than into their new digital range. Perhaps it will follow in the digital range after assessing sales realization in 'classic'. Perhaps the digital range will not continue at all . . . the future is rather misty . . .
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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