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Four Lane Cross overs for Spain

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Just had info on the New Le Mans track pack from Tecnitoys.

It includes the Le Mans start (as last year) but also a 'X' cross over section to allow for four lane starting.

These items seem to go for mad prices on Ebay (not anymore?).

The bad news? - Spain only (at this time).

Can't grab a photo from their web site, but go to and check the new section.

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I have no idea about what SCX does why or how they make money... I am however familiar with a story that may have some interesting similarities... First of all I would like to point towards SCX existing track alternatives. Compared to other manufacturers they recently were for a while alone in having a collection of interesting pieces of 'odd' track types. Ice curve, humpback bridge etc. Ok it is clear that other manufacturers have had intersting stuff before - but the point is - what is available on the market from current production? Ok there are interesting pieces from others I know... but wether something is worth while for a manufacturer or not is a rather complex thing and something that can be rather deceptive and at first sight misleading. Now to my story:

There was once a company that had a product line of a few hundred different product. For years these products had been developed and offered to the customers, usually most older products stayed in the sortiment and so the amount of product grew slowly. The company was quite popular within its area and it had a significant number of faithful customers - even though its main products were not very unique - and their prices, altough good, not exceptionally low. The company leadership kept many products in their sortiment because they were proud of having them, so while they did know that they did not make much money on many of the products they did strongly fight any efforts to withdraw several productlines that did not do very well at all. Convinct that it would hurt the company image.

After the old main manager had retired there were some bright new people brought in. Soon there was an assessment made of all products and related returns. All really interesting and good statistics. It was very quickly found out that almost all of the customers never bought anything from more than 14 percent of the product sortiment. In fact a fascinating majority of all products that were made brought actual losses to the company - it was interesting to see because the company as a whole did very well. The lessons from this investigation were made very swiftly and efficiently. Within a year over 70 percent of the existing productlines were closed and their was a large investment made in resarch of future products. There was a lot of confidence that the withdrawal of the products that incurred losses to the company would lead to noticably increased financial surplus. Within two years the company losing money all the way round - no productline was in plus.

That was the situation when the retired manager was called in as an effort to try to save the company. What was the problems? This time around the manager requested qualitative (intervieus) research to be made into their past and existing customers experiences. What seemed to have happened is that customers used to get a really nice catalogue with a lot of products every year. The majority of the customers bought products from the same small number of productlines. The products were not always the best, they were not always the cheapest - infact the core products that most customers actually did buy could be bought from many other companies and sometimes better quality and often cheaper. The main reason to why customers did prefer to buy from 'our' particular company was explained by many customers as being 'the possibility to browse through all those interesting products, the possibility to maybe in a future to buy some of them next time'. The year after a number of the products that had been withdrawn were reintroduced and the company was soon back in black.

My personal understanding of this phenomena is that the company had forgotten that their customers need to be given the opportunity to DREAM about possible applications. That is part of the customer satisfaction - not only what you do - but even more so what you could have done. Alternatives, possibilities and DREAMS gave IMAGE to the company and supported customer satisfaction and was core to why customers came back year after year. Even though the products they actualy bought could just as well have been bought somewhere else...


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It will be interesting to see if the SCX Le Mans start can be used in conjunction with Scalextric digital. Physically the track could be connected using the Scalextric conversion pieces. But I think that the sport track has a slot which is slightly deeper - I wonder if the depth of the SCX track will be a problem for digital. Surely it would be nice to be able to use the many special SCX track like the 'ice-curve' etc in combination with Scalextric digital...

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