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Four Lane Cross overs for Spain

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Just had info on the New Le Mans track pack from Tecnitoys.

It includes the Le Mans start (as last year) but also a 'X' cross over section to allow for four lane starting.

These items seem to go for mad prices on Ebay (not anymore?).

The bad news? - Spain only (at this time).

Can't grab a photo from their web site, but go to and check the new section.

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I think Steve's summing up of the SCX attitude is probably about right and the company seems to be doing quite well on that basis.

Until I joined a club a couple of years ago, I had not been very impressed with any of their product. However, I was quite taken aback to find that the club's rather large 4-lane track was actually 100% SCX and several of the long standing members owned large collections of SCX cars along with their Scalextrics. Several of the most popular classes were exclusively for SCX cars and I had to do a U turn and buy a few more to ensure I had entry to all possible races. They still aren't my top choice but constant exposure and experience has raised them considerably in my esteem.
I too have my doubts as to there being much of a REAL market for the Le Mans starts and similar accessories but I genuinely hope that SCX continue to thrive and congratulate them for their enterprise in getting them onto the market.
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Yes a great story, very well told and with the ring of truth.
I can personally feel the emotional pull that was the crux of that company's original and eventual success.
It doesn't always work like that, but how customers, both existing and potential , 'feel' about a company should never be forgotten. Acountants have their emotional feelings surgically excised in the course of their training - always assuming they ever had any in the first instance. (There is a theory that only the emotionally challenged are inclined to this career anyway, so excision isn't a major operation). These people (are they still people?) certainly have a vital function in any company, but they should NEVER be allowed to actually take overall control of ANYTHING.
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