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Four Lane Cross overs for Spain

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Just had info on the New Le Mans track pack from Tecnitoys.

It includes the Le Mans start (as last year) but also a 'X' cross over section to allow for four lane starting.

These items seem to go for mad prices on Ebay (not anymore?).

The bad news? - Spain only (at this time).

Can't grab a photo from their web site, but go to and check the new section.

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I think the first edition SCX Le Mans set sold well enough (like people have said to home users) it was released as their annual gift set around Christmas time so an ideal gift.

This new section of track is pretty specific and only really applicable to four lane home tracks (although my club used to have one!).

All that said 23 Euros is pretty cheap!

My info is that the track section should be released as SCX some time in the future.

Note that a short make up section of track has also been re-released, this is being released as SCX soon.


PS SCX Track is fully compatable with Scalextric Classic and with a Sports/Classic Scalextric adaptor is compatible with Scalextric Sport and Ninco track (with another adaptor). The larger radius curves are very slightly different.
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Fair Point Alec!

Perhaps i should have been more specific regarding the Le Mans start sections and their compatiblity with Scalextric Le mans starts and Pit Lanes.

Thanks for pointing it out.

1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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