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Four Lane Cross overs for Spain

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Just had info on the New Le Mans track pack from Tecnitoys.

It includes the Le Mans start (as last year) but also a 'X' cross over section to allow for four lane starting.

These items seem to go for mad prices on Ebay (not anymore?).

The bad news? - Spain only (at this time).

Can't grab a photo from their web site, but go to and check the new section.

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QUOTE (Sidecar Steve @ 10 May 2004, 13:20)Nascarman:
Not this cashed up though

eBAY-Four lane pit stop. Don't look if you have a sensitive hip pocket nerve...

Farnham Nerfee:
True, you can't use the SCX "X" crossover to join a Scalex Lemans start to it's paddock or as the crossover eXit (is that why it's the "X" crossover?) in a four lane pit. That's why at least Nascarman and I would like to see SCX go the whole hog and do a pit lane with the "Z" crossing.



Holy cow

Fortunately I all ready have that monster 4-lane Pit Stop, but I would like to have a BRAND NEW one which is in perfect condition.

Is Nascarman wacko?
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Sidecar Steve,
The point of my posting was purely to advise those who may have been misled by previous postings, postings which have stated that the track systems were fully compatible.
As can be seen on eBay for example, some people buy component sections of pit stop as they appear. These buyers may be members or guests of this Forum who could have been led to believe that the purchase of the crossing may be their next step towards a four-lane pit.
The intention of my posting therefore was to avoid anyone being misguided into making that purchase in error and not a comment against anyone's wants or opinions.

Fair Point Alec!

Perhaps i should have been more specific regarding the Le Mans start sections and their compatiblity with Scalextric Le mans starts and Pit Lanes.

Thanks for pointing it out.

It will be interesting to see if the SCX Le Mans start can be used in conjunction with Scalextric digital. Physically the track could be connected using the Scalextric conversion pieces. But I think that the sport track has a slot which is slightly deeper - I wonder if the depth of the SCX track will be a problem for digital. Surely it would be nice to be able to use the many special SCX track like the 'ice-curve' etc in combination with Scalextric digital...

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Seems like a good idea Peter. anyone know if this will be possible?
Unfortunatly, I believe SCX digital is incompatible with SCX Classic. But, I can't see why it wouldn't be possible to convert SCX Classic (exactly the same as Hornby Classic) to Hornby Digital. Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will be able to tell us.

QUOTE (NASCARMAN @ 10 May 2004, 13:35)Is Nascarman wacko?

I guess we all are otherwise we wouldn't be playing with Slotcars!!

The wacko was for the price which is nudging 1000 Aussie Drachma's.



PS Digital!!! Where is my cross and wooden stake........
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What is a little surprising is that SCX have issued these pieces in the 'classic' track range, rather than into their new digital range. Perhaps it will follow in the digital range after assessing sales realization in 'classic'. Perhaps the digital range will not continue at all . . . the future is rather misty . . .
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