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Fouroom spelchequers

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Dear Mods,
May we have access to an English dictionary for spell checking ............. please?

I like to: spell tyres with a y not an i; to spell analyse with an s not a z; etc, etc ........ with bucket loads of red squiggles .......

It shouldn't be a major problem ...... could it?????
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Wow - not a lot of response to this Greg.

On refelction I think its beecoz not that meny peeple can actewally spel.


If you carnt spel you probably doent have a problem with americananananisation.

I vote for proper English. What. Toodle pip!
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This may be apocryphal (spell check that microshaft!) but apparently there was once a conversation bertween an American and Noel Coward (now he definitely spoke queen's English
). It was about cars (automobiles). The American was insisting the parts were trunk, fender, hood etc. Noel was pointing out they are boot, bumper, bonnet etc. The American countered with "but Noel - we invented the automobile" (debatable as the Germans and French probably have a view on that) to which Mr Coward replied "that may very well be the case my dear chap but we invented the language".

So would Mr Microshaft and Mr Apple please take note and extend the courtesy that our mother tongue deserves (give it back and stop trying to break it

This has been a party political broadcast by the Home Counties Spellcheckers' Association.
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I think you mean lose rather than loose

My red lines are straight - why do I get straight ones and yours are wiggly? I want wiggly ones!

It's not really a problem Ember. But for those who can't spell it is teaching them to spell incorrectly. If I get a letter or email or visit a webpage that has incorrect spelling; I notice and it screams lack of care at me. If I send out something and a misspelling sneaks through I am mortified. My old English teacher has a lot to answer for - I am scarred for life!
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OK - here we go

tyres tires

OH NO my UK English spell checker ACCEPTS BOTH.

Probably because if one is getting bored with something one tires of it.

Of course the US spell checker will reject tyres. But then you would expect that of a country that prefers to brew tea in tepid seawater.
(joke boys - joke)

Proof reading is the only way to ensure accuracy. There used to be a software product called Grammatik which read sentences, checked context and then rated them in terms of readability giving them a score on the wonderfully named "Gunnings Fog Index". Always makes me smile!
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1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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