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French Strombecker set

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Hi,heres a Strombecker BMW motorcycle & sidecar racing set from France. I have 2 different sets,this is the later set. Ive also included a photo of the motorcycle as it was sold without the set. Don ive included a photo of the underside of the motorcycle just for you.
The last 4 photos are of 2 French Strombecker catalogs showing the sets. Thanks,Bernard
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Hall already had an agreement with Cox, so other companies couldn't use the Chaparral name, at least theoretically. I think Strombecker was the only one who took that seriously - but maybe the story is more complicated than that!

I think in the American catalogs it's called an American GT...


PS: I think the ball bearing as a percentage of the total weight was pretty minor!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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