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It's not so much the setting up it's the racing/marshalling the really needs a minimum of 8. I don't see it being a problem for the rest of the year it was just unlucky that we had 4/5 people missing last week.
I guess to cover the hall costs we would need a minimum of 6.

See you Friday

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Results from last night,


1st Elliot 140.65 (15pts)
2nd Nick 139.61 (12pts)
3rd Kevin 135.41 (10pts)
4th Martin 133.29 (8pts)
5th Riko 129.52 (6pts)
6th Syd 120.45 (5pts)
7th Simon 117.34 (4pts)
8th Dave 112.45 (3pts)
9th Mick 106.88 (-)
10th Ashley 105.12 (-)

At half time we found out who's the boss and Colin departed rapidly!

Ninco Open Cars?

1st Nick 131.83 (15pts)
2nd Mick 126.92 (12pts)
3rd Martin 126.79 (10pts)
4th Kevin 125.81 (8pts)
5th Syd 117.31 (6pts)
6th Ashley 114.65 (5pts)
7th Elliot 108.94 (4pts)
8th Simon 107.67 (3pts)
9th Dave 48.00 (-)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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