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Nick & Elliot ok for tonight, Not heard from Martin (Hoff).
I assume Porsche Martin will be there, Mike & Syd?????. Kevin is on hols.

I'm sure we'll still get 8 or 9 racers so should be enough.


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Ford GT

1st Nick 134.66 (15pts)
2nd Rob 131.07 (12pts)
3rd Mick 127.97 (10pts)
4th Ashley 126.40 (8pts)
5th Elliot 125.59 (6pts)
6rh Martin 125.03 (-)
7th Hoff 109.60 (-)


1st Elliot 133.97 (15pts)
2nd Nick 133.47 (12pts)
3rd Martin 131.75 (10pts)
4th Mick 126.96 (8pts)
5th Rob 120.64 (6pts)
6th Hoff 72.91 (-)
7th Ashley 49.34 (-)

This time it was Robs turn to suffer car failure when heading for victory, a wire came out early on in the last race dropping him to 5th overall.
Only 7 drivers but good racing from Elliot and Martin neck and neck throughout, 22 laps side by side in one race was great to watch

NSR next time, hope we get a few more drivers
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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