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1st Nick 146.57 (15pts)
2nd Martin 144.47 (12pts)
3rd Mike 139.47 (10pts)
4th Rob 138.78 (8pts)
5th Kevin 133.52 (6pts)
6th Gary 122.39 (5pts)
7th Dave 118.88 (4pts)
8th Mick 111.39 (3pts)
9th Syd 110.79 (2pts)
10th Elliot 74.49 (-)
11th Ashley 33.21 (-)

Mike drove well throughout setting a reasonable target in the 1st heat beaten only by Nick and Matin from heat 2. Martin lead Nick by 0.03 going into the final race but such a small lead was always going to be difficult to defend on the outside yelow lane, Nick running out the winner by just over 2 laps in the end. Dave had a good run winning a couple of races along the way and setting lap times near 7secs well done


1st Kevin 139.58 (15pts)
2nd Elliot 139.12 (12pts)
3rd Martin 132.69 (10pts)
xxx Ashley 127.17 (-) Slot IT car
4th Rob 126.43 (8pts)
5th Mick 125.10 (6pts)
6th Syd 124.81 (5pts)
7th Mike 122.44 (4pts)
8th Gary 111.57 (3pts)
9th Dave 57.55 (-)

Elliot set what looked like an unbeatable total in heat 1 but Kevin drove well in heat 2 kept out of trouble and in the end it was enough to take the win. Martin decided to watch the right car this time and as a result finished 3rd.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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