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Friday 30th

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Who is in and who is out then
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I'm back, I'll be there!
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Presumeably Kevin, Mick, Gary?

When was Mike due back from the Phillipines?
I guess no chairman (
) or secretary? But Martin Porsche man ought to be there just 'cos its his favourite...
So 7 for sure probably 9 minimum.

Alfa Dave?
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Good turnout, ten including one new guy Simon (RustySpring). Excellent racing all night. I'm still hurting after Gary took me out as I was overtaking him for the lead...
just wish I could have kept it on the track! My driving was awful, I really let my NSR down last night as she showed to me by pumping in the fastest laps towards the end...

Real fun though
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Except "Porsche Man" didn't come...
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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