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Friday 30th

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Who is in and who is out then
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NSR Porsche & Club cars, Yup I'm in
That's good news
, We should be back to full strength after the poor turnout of the last few weeks
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Club Cars

1st Gary 132.99
2nd Nick 128.69
3rd Rob 128.55
4th Elliot 128.11
5th Riko 126.68
6th Mick 124.32
7th Kevin 122.52
8th Ashley 116.32
9th Simon 105.67

NSR 997

1st Nick 134.38
2nd Gary 132.02
3rd Elliot 129.82
4th Kevin 122.72
5th Mick 122.24
6th Riko 110.50
7th Simon 103.02
8th Ashley 99.03
9th Rob 72.37

Agree with Riko great racing all night.
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I guess by all the postive comments we've got 'Porsche night' about right
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1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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