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Friday night

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Hi guys,
Thanks for a great nights racing and a very friendly club, it was good fun. Next time hopefully we will be quicker if we are invited that is!
The bacon burgers were good.
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Hi Alf,
Glad you enjoyed it. You are welcome any time. It was good to see you all again.
You missed an awesome A final. Possibly the best race ever at Gorleston ASR. It went to the line with Neil beating me by 1000th of a second.

Hope things go well with the refurbishment and lap counters.

Hi all at ASR

Thank you for making us all so welcome on Friday night and giving us a great night's entertainment, it was great to watch you race and some of the visitors, especially me, try to. Your two junior members were a revelation, think how fast they will go in a year or twos time future club champions? Sorry for the sometimes poor marshaling but we are used to full colour markings on the lanes which makes it much easier for a blind old bat like me.
Hope to see you all again sometime.
Regards Iain
Hi everyone at ASR. Thank you for making us all feel very welcome. I had hoped to have posted sooner but I wasn't too good yesterday and have been at the club today fitting the lap recorders and doing other jobs so we can open again Wednesday. I must say a very special thanks to Nigel who kindly sorted out Presto's ongoing lap recorder problems and I am pleased to say they work fine. Thanks Nigel.

I must congratulat Kevin on running an excellent and friendly club. The Slot Fire track is excellent and having now seen it in the flesh is good value for money. The track layout was good, very smooth but with tricky bits that the Presto drivers came to grief with on more than one occassion.

Finally, just to say thank you to Kevin's mum who made the cake and yes I had two bits Kev!
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