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After a long debate about new classes and rules we got to the really stuff the racing it was flyers, and what a night it was.

With some close and very good racing from Steve and rob the night was an all-round good night with some little mishaps from the Marshalls but all in good spirit.

The night started with me and wibble re naming the club members we had

Shaun smarties
Rob roundtrees
Jmo jelly babies
Probe parma violet
Steve skittles
Dave dime bar
Tony tic tacs
Katie kitkat
Jnoo jelly tot
Wibbes wonka bar
Elliott éclair
Razor revels
John jelly bears
Keith kellogs
Dave kp nuts
Mark milky way

All in the name of racing but really a good and eventful night!

Razor will post positions latter.


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Yes totaly agree was all good slotting fun

and i thank you all for the award of the most beautiful car of the night award.

shame it had a little accident but its all fixed now and will be returning to its owner next week

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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