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I just made a 4 lane starting grid with 2 standard start tracks (20190). Everything is working fine . But now I want to add my pitstop to the track but here begins trouble.
My set up is 2 SCX20190 parralel connected . 1 SCX Digital Control Unit (2400c) as primary and 1 pitbox control unit as secondery
I connected the power supply to my modded starting grid then I connect the cat 5 cable (SCX20090) to the pitbox unit , the display of the pitboxunit says "SEC " but the fuel lights don't come on ( that is normal because this is not the first control unit and ther is no power to the lights)
I accidentaly connected 2 track terminal but did not put a power plug in the 2 nd terminal only the cat 5 cable

Today I did a test run and noticed that my pitlane slow down and go track do not react , the beep does not work , so I think I blew the resistor, will check it tomorrow.
If I connect the go track to the startgrid , the lapcounter on the pit works , but no beep on entrance . As soon as I connect the track before the pitboxentrance , the counter does not work at all , so it might of got shortcircuited , ( this is not the 4 grid startterminal I use but the original pitbox 2 track )
RTFM.... Read the f###### manual . Maybe to late for me .... But still can do pitlane stop with the pclapcounter soft , works like a charm.
The nice thing about pclapcounter soft is that you can expand the pitlane as you like even a double pitlane is no problem , of course the refueling must be done by pushing the lane change button for 3 sec. The down side is that you can refuel anywhere at the track

Any sugestions ?

Greetz from Belgium
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