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Hello all...

Going back to Analogue after a few frustrating years of digital racing.

I have a 18 foot 3 lane wood track with braid. I have a computer ( windows 10 ) and a nice MG power supply. I'm looking for opinions on which lap timing hardware and software to use. Is there any fuel management in analogue? What about controllers? Anything wireless for analogue?

I'll sit back and wait to hear from the experts....



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For bullet-proof and no-frills analogue lap counting I like the Trackmate module and software with a dead strip. The latest Trackmate module connects to a PC via a USB port. Race Co-ordinator works very well with the Trackmate hardware and has a fuel simulation option. People seem to be using Race Co-ordinator fine with Windows 10. Wireless controller options include Scorpius WAM or oXigen controller + common radio interface (CRI) + analogue cartridge.

Ultimate Racer also offers a fuel simulation in analogue. It uses a serial port connection and Windows 10 is not listed. There are various DIY hardware options.

As a budget option, the Scalextric ARC Air powerbase would give you wireless controllers and various digital-style simulations for analogue racing. The sensors and track power wiring should transfer fairly easily to your wood track. The downside is that the base will only handle a 4 amp power supply and guides need to be black to trigger the sensors. An easy wireless controller upgrade would be the new SCP-3 (or SCP-1 or SCP-2 with an oXigen cartridge and ARC firmware).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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