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Front axle play

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I have 3 SCX rally cars, Fiat 131, an Escort Mk2 and a Fiat 124

The 131 has almost no play in the front axle (but still spins freely), the Escort has just less than 1mm and the 124 has just over 2mm.

The 124 looks odd as if pushed side to side the wheels protrude outside of the body. Now I can add spacers or cut the axle shorter so the car looks better or is the 2mm 'slop' an advantage?


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QUOTE (speedyroadster @ 29 Nov 2011, 03:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thank you everyone for your replies.

My thinking was to take the excess play out (either by adding spacers or shortening the axle), I just found it odd that 3 cars from the same manufacturer were so different.

Off to find some spacers or the dremel!



Alan you can use Chuppa Chup/Lollipop sticks cut to size with a sharp knife and slit so they go over axles without the need to remove the wheels if they are glued/stuck in place like the SCX/Scaley ones are. Another great and cheap tip that I have read on the forum and works a treat. I take out the slop on all my cars, front and rear with this highly technical approach.

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