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Front axle play

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I have 3 SCX rally cars, Fiat 131, an Escort Mk2 and a Fiat 124

The 131 has almost no play in the front axle (but still spins freely), the Escort has just less than 1mm and the 124 has just over 2mm.

The 124 looks odd as if pushed side to side the wheels protrude outside of the body. Now I can add spacers or cut the axle shorter so the car looks better or is the 2mm 'slop' an advantage?


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Funny, I was driving my car the other week around my track, after doing a dozen odd laps, I looked down at my car and saw that I had forgot to put my front axle and wheels/tyres on full stop!, lol. I didn't notice the difference in the car at all, I was gob smacked, was dead funny though.
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QUOTE (300SLR @ 2 Dec 2011, 21:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>With cars set up so the front wheels don't touch the ground, it rarely makes much differance if you leave them off all together.
Some types of car work best with the front wheels off the track, other's work best with the front wheels having at least some contact with the track.
Hi, that's true, I just thought it was funny how I didn't notice for so long, must have been the poor light in the room or something, I clearly wasn't paying attention.
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QUOTE (rick1776 @ 3 Dec 2011, 00:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I suspect that you were running the car with magnets and on plastic track?

Hi, yep I was. It did make me think though - that I spend all this money on fancy front Alloy wheels, zero grip tyres, hollow axles, fancy bushings, and yet I don't even need too. But my mind says I have too!, I don't have many cars, but the ones I have I like to have good racing/performance parts on them, even if the gain is not noticeable on my Scalextric track.
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