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I've just received a beautiful FSlot 1/32nd scale Tyrrell P34, hand built by Lukáš Ščupák from the Czech Republic.

The car comes in a very neat cardboard box with a nice cover slip.

The box has a 'window', displaying the car.

Lukáš uses 3D print technology or CNC milling to create the body master, which is then placed in a silicone mould.

The fibreglass body shell is laminated by hand and extremely light, with a thickness of only 0.8 - 1.0 mm. It weighs around 10g.

Lukáš also prints his own decals, which are excellent quality.

The motor is a Mabuchi FK-130 Falcon/TSRF. Guide is TSRF.

Axles are 3/32", wheels are machined aluminium with M2 grub screws, front and rear. Rear tyres are sponge, but can easily be replaced with or NSR F1 rear wheels/tyres if rubber is preferred.

The chassis is laser cut from 1.0 mm thick stainless steel and assembled using SnAg solder and a high strength adhesive.

The Tyrrell is only available as an assembled model, under an agreement between FSlot and the Tyrrell family.

With kind regards,


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Oh Lordy Lord!

I want one and I want it now! (Think Verucca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory).

How much are they?

How do I get one?

Tyrrell . . . . . . drool, Bambi eyes!

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Holy Cow. That site has gone straight to the favourires column.
They are phenominal. I have to raise some cash quickly,
How much will I get if I sell a kidney?

Someone had better check if Chopper is ok. He loves his Tyrrells and it sounds as if He's about to drown in his own drool.

Even Maurizio sounds like he's ordered one, maybe it will convince him to make a few slot it F1 cars.

PS. Matt, it looks like they weigh 96g according to the site.
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