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Furious Farm Motorplex

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Starting to build a second track from the ground up. Including a new flat-pack modular table that is easy to put together and take apart (no Swedish allen key required!).

Here is the evolution of the layout:

v1.0 - Aiming for a fast track with minimal fuss but still requiring some finesse.

v1.1 - Moved the hairpin section sideways so the main de-slot point wouldn't be in the middle of the main straight

v1.2 - Mirror imaged the design after moving the hairpin so that I can use my existing Pit In/Out LH pieces.

v1.2 - With Pitlane added. I want it lonnnnnnnnnng so that there is some actual effect of being pit lane speed limited.

Am going to make the track tomorrow and see how it runs
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Ignore all the lane changers in v1.0 - They were easier to put in the designer instead of pit in/outs so I could also get lane lengths.

Average lane length is 14.85m on a table 5.4m x 2.4m
The tables. Bought chipboard sheets and cut them up to make the table tops and the bases. (2 half modules 1.8 x 1.2m per base)

and then my niece visited and wanted to play with her mini coopers so we made a layout out of a bunch of classic track and spare sports track laying around

but the track was "Not big enough Uncle Kris!"
So we expanded and added a hill climb

I finished painting the tables today and will take pics of the finished product when the sun comes up
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What a cute photo of your niece - that smile is worth a million. My daughter had a curly head of hair just like that when she was that age - I bet you are her FAVORITE uncle!!

Excellent progress so far on the track...
She's a better slot driver than most people i know, rarely ever de-slots. And LOVES minis. If she sees a 1:1 mini in a carpark she has to run up and give it a kiss on the bonnet badge haha
My only concerns with your table design are 1) weight... all that chipboard will be friggin heavy to haul into and out of an event location; and 2) durability... I hope you're planning a hard lacquer finish of some kind that can take some abuse, because the chipboard won't stand up to regular dis/assembly for events, especially with your slot assembly design.

The layout is nice, but with such a huge open space, I wonder what your plan is for it? Seems at the very least an injudicious use of such a large table. It's a great combination of turns, but with a few more, you could compact it down a lot more, and get the same circuit length in a much smaller area, thereby reducing table size, and all the weight that goes with it.

Since your table is modular, wouldn't you want to only bring the least amount needed to make any particular layout?
Modular, portable table base: Brilliant. Why didn't I think of it. Ply wood with hand hole cut-outs would likely be lighter and more maneuverable for me.

The Niece: I was trying to figure out who went back in time, found Shirley Temple then brought her back to play with slot cars. Precious.

All The Best,

here are some painted tables

after playing with the layout a bit, I revised it slightly and added a new pitlane layout to the design

and the tables have plenty of storage space below
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