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Fusion PSU failure

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I bought a Fusion PS201ADJT 20 months ago.
This is adjustable for both voltage and amperage.

The purpose was for powering my tyre truer and for bench testing my cars.
yesterday I tried to test a motor setup and although the display showed the output in volts, the unit would not turn the motor. I tried a different motor and that to would not turn.
The amps display showed zero.
Using a volt meter I checked across the terminals, which gave a reading the same as the display. I tried to light a 3volt bulb, but to no effect.

The unit’s operating instructions state that there are no user serviceable parts inside, and there is no fuse apparent and no reset.

1, does anyone know how to fix this?
2, can anyone recommend a reasonably cheap adjustable PSU suitable for my purposes? (Preferably UK vendors).

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Geoff T
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Not being facetious but have you turned the current limiting knob up to full?
Not being facetious but have you turned the current limiting knob up to full?
Yes, but it still reads zero.
I would get in touch with the retailer where you bought it to see what they can do.
My main concern is that looking at pendle (were I bought mine) it seems that these have been sold out for a while with the larger one not being listed any longer.
So it might be the case that they are out of production.
Hi Grunz,
As my PSU is more than a year old it is most unlikely it would be covered by a warranty.
I too bought mine from Pendle, and noted they were out of stock.
I had also googled the unit and found many suppliers, who were also out of stock, so it appears to me that it has been discontinued.
The good news is that on Friday evening, whilst at my club night, I obtained a 12v PSU, non-adjustable, but will endeavour to attach a rheostat to it so I can use it with my tyre truer.
Thanks for you input, and hope NZ is recovering from the damage caused by Cyclone Gabrielle. I got caught in it on my trip in February.
Tire truers use a considerable amount of current, a small rheostat might get too hot and burn out. A voltage regulator with enough capacity would be a better bet.
I have never had any luck getting a switching power supply repaired. If it is still under warranty the maker would probably just send you a replacement unit.
Thanks Rich,
I’ll bear that in mind. When I’ve used my tyre truer it generally ran at no more than 2 amps, usually 1 to 1.5 amps.
Many old PC power supplies have enough output to run a tyre truer.
You would need to add a voltage regulator.
Check EBay for breakout board and DC speed controllers.
Plenty of info on the net for converting these.
Thanks Phil, most helpful.

Hi Geoff,

I use one of these 10 amp bench supplies for my Hudy....I also have a 30amp version for my track, both are very good and great value I think. The Hudy just draws the amps it needs. Plenty to choose from on Ebay:
Thanks Mark, most helpful. That looks a good piece of kit.
Our club had four Fusion supplies - not the model you have - and all four died within a few weeks.
Our club had four Fusion supplies - not the model you have - and all four died within a few weeks.
I would guess that these Fusion PSU’s haven’t been noted for reliability, and why they appear to be out of stock generally.
As I now have an alternative PSU I think it’s time to close this thread.
Thanks to those who have contributed.
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