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Jim Moyes
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QUOTE (Nuro @ 9 Jun 2004, 09:49)What can we do to promote the hobby among younger people? Perhaps instead of buying up cheap sets at Argos and trying to make a fast buck on eBay, we could give these out to the kids in our families to get them interested. Cousins, nephews, nieces and grand kids - they could all get them.
Don't tar us all with the same brush, Nuro

One of my Argos sets went back to Humberside with my 16 year-old nephew after he had spent some of his Easter break with us. He's a model train fan but I always take him along to the clubs I race at when he's down visiting. I'll convert him yet!

Another nephew gets a subscription to Hornby Racer mag every year for his birthday, which coincidentally is today, and has a large layout in his garage loft at home.

The problem will be keeping their interest. When we were kids slot racing was probably the ultimate "fake" motor racing experience. Now it is an alternative to R/C and Console gaming, as well as other non motor sport activities all vying for their attention. Perhaps having an "eccentric uncle" is the catalyst that is needed!

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