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I think a little patience wouldn't go amiss when teaching kids slot car racing.

For me, my father purchased my first slot car set when I was 7, and was only allowed to play with it under supervision and as a treat! Blimey in this molly coddled age it sounds rather strict, however once my dad taught me the basic principals of driving i.e. not flooring the throttle and bouncing the car off the skirting board, allowed to play with the set all the time.

A little while later, my dad would allow me to race some of his original cars, although preferring that I didn't insist on performing 'J' turns with a Scalextric Aston.

These ideas of plumping for magnet cars as an ideal starter car for kids isn't the best approach my book. I personally feel the best alternative is the slower non mag cars which as we all know, equals less damage. Okay more time consuming to teach (for the impatient) but ultimately more rewarding. Once the kids are taught the basic fundamentals, maintaining a magnet less car on the track, then the use of all cars shouldn't be an issue.

When helping out at the SCX Digital stand the other day, it was easy to notice which kids were taught the basic lesson of respecting people's property.

Cars designed for kids, erm if it means cars reverting back to models akin to the early nineties then no thanks, spend more time teaching the kids to drive.

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