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Some good points there that have made me think

In my experience with my lad (8) after buying a Scalextric Sport set at xmas for him ive noticed how although hes really into racing his cars its very much an "inbetween the playing out" sorta thing. He loves racing his cars and trying them out but bores with it very easily if hes on his own. He'll play happily for hours when his mates or im there but very rarely will he even think about it when theres a playstation for competition and far easier to play solo.

The point re "expensive prize cars!" is a very valid one and one in which altho he understands the value of the prized assets he finds it very hard to comprehend why buy them if we cant race them ? This also raises another point which has been talked to death here but still a valid one re just the general cost of cars which ultimately in our house anyway are raced to destruction with ample loads of two pack epoxy glue along the way. Although we have many cars his favourites are Scalextric and Fly (any models) because (his words) they stick better and your not forever replacing them on the track you can have a good go with them. The argument mag versus non mag doesnt even rear its head in our house its mag all the way!! Kids havent got the subtlety of trigger control its flat out to the line or nothing thus creating more smashes and more cost to repair / replace and at minimum £25 car its an expensive hobby.

Regarding clubs there just isnt enough of them to take kids without it being an all day job and a hell of a drive to a suitable club. Pro racing like the one we have in our town just isnt suitable and the cost is even more prohibitive with expensive purpose built cars like they race and to be frank my lad doesnt understand it nor are there any kids there. Kids like to play with kids. So for the time being until such a club where they race Scalextric cars basically std out the box the club he frequents will remain a football club where he can mix with kids his age and have fun which after all is what being a kids all about in my book.

I feel its up to the likes of the main suppliers/manufacturers along with the dads to promote the hobby if clubs are the way to go or it will stay a brought out now an again toy. The manufacturers for the obvious financial gain and the dads for the fun/enjoyment unless the club is not a club as such and is run for financial gain ie as a business.

Whats the future? Personally i havent a clue ! Yes its ridiculous and im guilty too of buying expensive collectors toys that my son cant play with but am re thinking that now. I too bought a couple of the "Argos sets" for gods know what reason but did give them away including the cars to 2 of my lads mates so they have sets now so they can play at each others houses. Promoting the hobby has to come from the manufacturers in the first instance as they have most to gain then its down to like minded folk to start clubs that kids WANT to use as they are the future as in any sport / hobby. As some of you may know we are actively trying to start a club in our area but its not as easy as you think with all the costs involved in set up/premises/etc etc wheres the help from all the interested parties when you need them ?? They take the profits when we buy why not put a bit back in aiding people to set up clubs that ultimately will benefit them ??

Great stimulating thread Nuro made me think long and hard anyway and not many things do that when your used to thinking on an empty head !!!
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