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There definitely need to be more "basic" cars.. and I'm not talking more Scalextric "Single Seaters" from years past.. but something the kids can play with that don't break too easy, something they can identify with from tv. Most kids I know love the police cars, and "Chase" becomes an awful popular game. I think the Crash'N'Bash sets are a good start towards aiming for the younger crowd.. but at the same time we elders are secretly worrying that the "crashing" will not be a phase that wears out should the interest evolve to bigger and better cars/tracks/etc.

I've gotten our 11 year old hooked on slot cars, but the best part is.. he saves up his money and buys his own cars. Before this, he had little concept of money and worth, other than the fact that a plate of nachos and a slurpee at the convenience store cost $2.50, easily found in mom's purse. Since buying his first car (Carrera Pontiac GTO 66) on his first trip to Fantasy World Hobbies in Tacoma, WA (about 5 hours north of us), he's gone from "look how many times it'll flip off of the corner" to getting a Ninco Mini he desperately wanted for Christmas, "if i go to fast i'll deslot and break the antenna". Now he understands that the cars aren't generally cheap, but will last very well if he takes care of them, and worries more about going fast IN the slot, rather than fast IN to the barrier. He saves his money and is constantly scouring eBay for more cars. His collection is at three (also has a Ninco Porsche 911 GT3) and will quickly grow. I can't get a table and semi-perm track up fast enough to make sure his interest stays with it.

Sure he would usually rather go outside and hang out with his friends, but more and more he's been bringing them over to show them his new car, or mine (*gloats!*).

I think sense of ownership, pride in something to show off to his friends, and the thrill of racing with me or his friends has started the fire. Now to keep it burning...

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