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I've recently married & inherited an "Instant family" - 2 boys one 2 & the other 7. I dragged the old scaley out of the shed after about 20 years & have been buying some SCX stuff to replace controllers & the really butchered track.

Chris has really got into the idea of having something he can do with his Dad (often for hours on end) and it apparently gets really very very noisy (according to "She who must be obeyed". Me thinking I'm still the Graham Hill of the slot car world tends to lead to me wiping out & Chris sailing past since he's way more conservative (knowing they're mine mine mine ha ha ha ha!!
) & concentrating on building up his speed a little at a time.

I would be interested to know how many people got into slots 'cause it's something their Dad or his mates or other relatives had & you got to play with the "Grown ups"? I know that's what happened to me!

Actually on the price thing I saw a sat of two cheap "formula" cars at a hobby shop the other day ($40 Australian) & later in the day Chris came out with the idea that "You should have bought those Dad 'cause then when my mates come over they won't wreck the good cars"
the only problem with the plan is I was totally lost when I found the shop & can't find the bugger again

Actually he's a pest too 'cause when I have an armful of stuff he reminds me that "Mum won't be happy if you take that many home" or simply drags me out of the shop by the ears (he did that when I was lining up on the Goodwood GT40's - $250 where I saw them).

Another point in the favour of slots is that you can have a lot of fun on a relatively small layout. R/C cars take up a hell of a lot of room & while the playstation is fun for one with 2 or more a slot car track makes more fun & noise & kids being kids will always be social animals.

I guess what I really meant to say after all that was that as long as there's Dads to give the boys an opportunity to race & they can do it relatively unsupervised they'll look after the stuff & have a bloody good time doing it..
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