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G12/Falcon - Saloon/ Sports bodyshells - 23rd November 2018

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Brian's Race Report:-

With the gaffer (Ralph) not there because of feeling a bit crook but with the return of Frank and Terry 15 were there to race BSCRA GP12 (or below .. wasp falcon etc) In the "D" final was Rich, Frank and Geoff, it was Geoff who took the lead and gave a steady performance to finish in 1st place while Rich and Frank battled it out but it was Rich who was 2nd and Frank 3rd. In the "C" final was Dave, Terry, Fi and Robbie, it was Terry who took the early lead showing he had not forgotten the way round followed by Dave, Robbie and Fi, Dave took the lead in the second segment from Terry with Robbie and Fi behind and that's how it finished. In the "B" final was Greg, Josh, Sandy who was using a Hawk 7 sports car borrowed from Brian and her mom Sue. It was Josh who went into the lead followed very closely by Sandy Greg and Sue and by the end of the first segment there was only about a lap between the 1st three with Sue a couple of laps down. In the second segment Sandy managed to get a 1/4 of a lap lead over Josh which she held until Josh got past to win by 3/00ths of a lap from Sandy with Greg and Sue behind. In the "A" final was Simon, Brian, Steve and ****. It was Brian who went to the front only to go straight to the back after a couple of offs and at the end of the first segment Steve less than a 1/4 of a lap up on **** who was 1/4 of a lap up on Brian with Simon 2 laps further back in the second segment Simon caught and passed Brian who was spending most of the time parked in the scenery (blaming the braids/tyres/ chassis/ controller etc etc) but in the end it was a good win for Steve who managed to keep it on the track while all around were getting tangled up with **** second, Simon third posting the fastest lap of the night and Brian who is still going round. Drivers of the night are the top three who all put in good performances, Steve, Josh and Sandy.

Hope to see you all next week.

Sandy xx


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