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Garage layout

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For about 2 months i have been using my dining room table with a sheet of 8'x4' chipboard on top for my carrera go layouts,i have been using different layouts and buying more track but i have now got to the stage were i feel i need longer straights than 8' and mor elevations/tunnels/scenery etc.......
So this weekend i decided that 2 trips to the tip was needed to empty my garage of rubbish (it was used as a dumping ground after my house renovation projects and i could'nt bear to throw anything away as i new i would need it in the future)but in the end i bit the bullet and now have 12'x24' of space
,i was thinking of cutting the 8'x4' into 4 2'x4' strips and placing 3 end to end with the 4th at an angle like a large L shape.
Would this give me enough width or would 3' be better and a shorter overall lenght?
Any advice appreciated.
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Definitely put it on wheels/castors. Mine is 5 1/2 x 13 1/2 on 6 4 x 4 posts with castors. Mount the caster to a piece of 1/2 plywood then nail to end of post. My frame is from 1" x 3" which is plenty sturdy enough.

My current track. It races well in both directions.

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