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Now that Gaugemaster have updated their website to the needs of all Slotracers how about someone getting Aaron back to SF ? I am sure that many of us have missed his input,support and undoubted insight into the thoughts of various slot car manufacturers !!
I'm sure with a little encouragement from the powers that be here he would gladly return and im sure many would agree he was a benefit to both the forum and the many members here.Surely the forum needs this calibre of people among its many and varied contributors ????
And if for no other reason he did bring some light hearted competitions

All those in favour please raise their hand !!
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When one represents a company on Internet BBSs and mailing lists, one has to walk a very fine and delicate line.

In the past I repped my employer (a major US-based vendor, rebuilder, and breaker of Jaguar parts) on a large number (20+) of Jag boards and lists. The key to doing it correctly is to focus almost exclusively on being informative and helpful as much as is possible.

It is best to respond to threads, rather than to start them. Strict adherence to list policies is also a requirement, as this keeps one in good standing with the list owners and moderators.

Never, never attempt overtly to sell product. Simply being a good "netizen" will almost always bring business one's way. It certainly has worked that way for my employer.

One also has to understand when to respond to posters off-list, which is more often than not, in my experience.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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