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Now that Gaugemaster have updated their website to the needs of all Slotracers how about someone getting Aaron back to SF ? I am sure that many of us have missed his input,support and undoubted insight into the thoughts of various slot car manufacturers !!
I'm sure with a little encouragement from the powers that be here he would gladly return and im sure many would agree he was a benefit to both the forum and the many members here.Surely the forum needs this calibre of people among its many and varied contributors ????
And if for no other reason he did bring some light hearted competitions

All those in favour please raise their hand !!
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I could understand the reluctance of any distributer or manufacturer or even stockist to contribute to a public message board.

One has to be very careful with the words one chooses as some of us know from experiance!

Its one thing to publish information but quite another to get into the politics of debate and discussion.

And then you can be accused of spamming if you post too frequently. Much better for the key players to view and take a sneek peek I feel than to be active.

If you have any questions then you can always contact the key players offline as they all have very public email addresses. They no doubt would normally welcome your feedback (I say "normally" because I do recall seeing one or two public examples of "feedback" that were possibly a little bit OTT shall we say!).

Better to permit boards like Slotforum to have freedom for independent discussion than to allow it to be influenced by interested parties.

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