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Now that Gaugemaster have updated their website to the needs of all Slotracers how about someone getting Aaron back to SF ? I am sure that many of us have missed his input,support and undoubted insight into the thoughts of various slot car manufacturers !!
I'm sure with a little encouragement from the powers that be here he would gladly return and im sure many would agree he was a benefit to both the forum and the many members here.Surely the forum needs this calibre of people among its many and varied contributors ????
And if for no other reason he did bring some light hearted competitions

All those in favour please raise their hand !!
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What a couple of eminently sensible posts precede this of mine, which is really just in full support of what Ec Ec and Cheater have so eloquently stated.

We actually have a surprising amount of commercial representation on the board and I am VERY happy to see it. Ranging from the cool professionalism of Scalextric's Adrian Norman to the ever witty and always educationally entertaining Mr P, Philippe of TSRF, with supporting appearances from other manufacturers and several very well-known retailers - all are very welcome here.

The nature of this business/hobby is that there is always the likelihood of some differences of opinion. So, the ability to keep one's cool in the face of adversity and to retain a good sense of humour are probably the primary qualifications.
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