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Now that Gaugemaster have updated their website to the needs of all Slotracers how about someone getting Aaron back to SF ? I am sure that many of us have missed his input,support and undoubted insight into the thoughts of various slot car manufacturers !!
I'm sure with a little encouragement from the powers that be here he would gladly return and im sure many would agree he was a benefit to both the forum and the many members here.Surely the forum needs this calibre of people among its many and varied contributors ????
And if for no other reason he did bring some light hearted competitions

All those in favour please raise their hand !!
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Aaron free to post as himself or in any other guise. Perhaps representing a make or distributor not that easy, especially in the face of such strong brand biases as expressed here from time to time.

I take part in a Toyota forum ( as "Toyota PR". No ambiguity there and so far no problem, perhaps because they are all, by definition, Toyota fans. I do not post on every topic - I couldn't - it is about ten times bigger/busier than SlotForum, but try to help where I think I can.

I have nothing to offer them, no discounts or advice, just info and that seems enough. What I cannot do is overtly promote or defend Toyota, as that would be unwelcome (and boring).

What I get out of it is an insight into why people like our cars and that is very valuable. (and some natty little caricature Toyotas!)

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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