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Had a bit of a rushed look round and bought some interesting bits.

Thanks to Mick, Rob, Andi, Maurizio and anyone I have missed for organising the Policar Grand Prix. Had a great day and I wasn't quite last either.

David H
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An excellent event with plenty to see. What impressed me most was the drag racing, particularly how beautifully prepared and finished most of the cars were. True works of art and astonishingly fast.

My thanks too to Mick and Rob Kerr, Andi Rowland, John Underwood, Mr Maurizio and the other competitors in the Policar Classic Grand Prix. I only raced in the "standard" class, but was very pleasantly surprised to finish third with a car that was taken out of its box for the first time at 11pm last night and had absolutely nothing done to it other than changing the rear tyres for F22s and the braids for something a little more flexible. "Box standard" is often a recipe for disaster, so it says a lot about the quality of Policar Classic F1s that a pretty-much box standard car could do so well.

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Went along on the Saturday.
Never attended before but then I am a long absent returned Johnny come lately when it comes to all this.
Amazing gathering. And cannot fault the venue. Split the day perfectly.
What got me was the International appeal to this event.
Met folk from the USA, Canada, Germany, Holland and Belgium.
Not to mention one particular gent from Spain who had travelled over from Barcalona.
Me and the Mrs were talking to one of the museum staff when a call came on the radio
for anyone who could speak Spanish.
Offered to help and went over to the first floor reception.
This chap wanted a cab to Broad Street in Birmingham that accepted card payment.
He had done almost £900.00 on four cars! No cash left....
His big catch was a Scalextric 1966 Ford GT40. The Number 8 to complete his Le Mans Ford GT40 '66 collection.
The staff were great and had managed to sort out a cab which we waited for with him and off he went
very happy with his visit. I think his smile summed up how everyone felt.

Personally I have so much to learn about the regs and nuances of actually racing these things in a club setting.
Might have been a tad intrusive when it came to the Policar GP but very pleased to meet some of the
forum faithful competing and examine those beautiful cars and conversions which are right in my wheelhouse.
That was my highlight along with meeting a couple of very talented gents who sold me all manner
of resin shells to keep me busy for a very long time. They know who they are and hope to post the finished items
one day on the scratch built section. One day.

Honestly. As a newbie, the ambience and friendliness of all there from the staff to the vendors
and the attendees made for a relaxed and very enjoyable day.

Like Arnie said. 'I'll be back'.

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'Twas a fine event and no mistake. Really disappointed to have had a scant half hour to play with after negotiating more but then being well and truly stymied by queues on the M40 on the way up. :mad:

Anyhoo, sorry I didn't catch up with @pslot as planned.

I did, finally, after seeing him present in previous years but endlessly engaged with his fans, get a brief chat with fellow wankel-head, Maurizio. That C-Klasse is a wish come true and I'm already planning a re-jig of m' cabinets to have Slot It versions sit alongside all my Nincos.

And I finally met that conti-rowland. Which was nice. He confidently predicted I could handle one of his F1 conversions so I'll take him at his word and get on with that, then. 👍

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Another fantastic day today as a tourist rather an event organiser.

My son Eddie had a fabulous time... And incredibly we win the family challenge, receiving a collectors item of a special edition scalextric car.

We'll stash it and hope it may be worth something in 10 years 🤔😝😂♥.

However the best thing all day was the caravan racing. We love that!

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The hill climb challenge was a blast to buy no photos or turns out!

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