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Ha! And there was me about to say I thought it one of his best and most professional!

Possibly because he didn't declare everything, and I do mean everything, awesome. 馃檮

But I did spot him, looking very dapper I thought, but as with Maurizio he seemed to be endlessly* engaged with folk. Such is the price of YouTube fame, eh?:cool:

*I was there for twenty-five minutes tops and on the two occasions I passed him he was happily chatting. Perhaps not endlessly engaged, then.馃檮

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A few more shots...

Thanks Julie and Sean for organising and thanks to Maurizio for providing the track
Clothing Trousers Flooring Floor Automotive tire
Clothing Outerwear Product Automotive design Standing
Clothing Green Boat Motor vehicle Naval architecture
Clothing Joint Green Leisure Flooring
Shoe Shorts Smile Automotive design Vehicle

and then for everyone else for being there to make it the event it is!!

Cheers, Andi

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That looks like the very rare Scalextric 124 track

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Yep, there was a big one in the US that was then sold out. I wonder if this is Maurizio's (as mentioned by Andy in his post - or was he referring to another track?).

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That looks like the very rare Scalextric 124 track
Yes, it is. It鈥檚 been at the festival previously and I seem to recall a wider variety of cars alongside, some 124 kit conversions and such like. I remember asking the operator fora bit more power than the kid friendly settings and he was kind enough to oblige and let me try the other cars, which I imagine were not for 鈥減ublic鈥 driving.

Didn鈥檛 visit this track this year but it looks like the same set up to me. As you say Riko, they鈥檙e pretty rare, so it鈥檚 unlikely to be a different 124 Scalextric track!
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