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Hi All,
When my brother said look what scalextric can do now I just about lost my iceream. He's the one with the system Im the one that made it work being an electronic geek from way back. Going back into the 70s and 80s We had 24 hour races with teams of 4. 1 racing 1 to pick up 2 getting a break. The track was original that gave way to routed slot, the cars were I guess originally Scalleys but everything esle was built from the ground up. Track sensors for laps speed control and handicapping plus fuel emulation. All long gone, as was the driving days..given way to marriage and jobs etc. But here we find oursleves again and wow they have stepped up to the plate.

So ma bro is not the most electronic savy and I just have limited time but Im getting up to speed with the SSD stuff.

He was or has purchased the platinum set, I suspect Ill get a call to come over and set it up soon..and then Im sure he will want lap times n such on monitors and of course more track.

Speaking of Has anyone spliced scalley track in and out of routered track? Just a thought. I do believe we still have one or maybe two of the (what was to be but never finished) 8x4 sheets with some already routered bits. They lie in the depths of the shed under 20 years of other junk.

So having read lots Im not somewhat brain dead, overloaded and trying to sort out what works with the APB6 and whats the next step we should take.

Also very open to anyone local who has it all happening and wouldnt mind sharing a beer(on us:) and a looksee of thiers.

Lots to play with so little time to play

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Welcome aboard. Not sure if there are any here that are local to Cranbourne. I know of a few in Cranbourne, Berwick and Pakenham, but I've not seen them here overly much. They tend to frequent the Australian forum somewhat more than here these days.

There have been a few splice Scaley digital bits into routed tracks. Either using the entire lane change piece, or just the rails or even just the electronics. But it might take a while for me to recall just who has done what. Though one fabulous effort that comes to mind currently (because I've just looked at his most recent update) is Bills Porto Corsa track (here).

Probably some others amongst the digital crowd will be able to steer you toward other examples. I'm still an analogue gal myself. Don't really need digital for only two runners.

I'm guessing Cranny's changed a wee tad since I last went nigh. Heck they've a railway station and everything.
And you've probably discovered Mobile Raceways in Dandy.

Lots to learn and lots of fun to be had.

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