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It just struck me yesterday that I don't know what kind of gearing I should be running on a car with an Atlas motor. I initially set it up at about 3:1 ratio but is that what it needs?

The car is a '60s F1 car for Professor Fates F1 race. The motor is an Atlas 206 6v. Axles are 1/8", tires are 1/4" wide
I'd post a picture but I don't want anyone to hurt themselves laughing
Actually, pictures of the chassis are online already with the wrong tires. I'm still short a parts order so no body at this time. It's lexan or something like that anyway so its weight is negligable.

I feel that the chassis with that motor is kind of heavy but what do I know? I'm a newbie. What kind of gearing should I be using with this motor on this dinky pig?
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