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General Slot Car Storage?

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I wasn't sure where to post this question.

What do people use for storing slot cars in general the ones which are not in use or on display?

Personally, due to space restrictions the majority of cars are stuck in cardboard boxes and needless to say, it looks naff. Are there any suitable alternatives which will keep cars safe from damp (in case of attic storage) etc?

Preferably the cheaper the better!

Okay admittedly not the most enthralling subject, however any ideas or recommendations would as always, be much appreciated.

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Cheers Inte, I have a few of those sorry, I should have made clear in my original post - Storage for 20+ boxes of cars to be kept together (for example).
Currently I haven't got a home track nor a permanent area to display cars. The only cars in use at any one time are the cars which are club raced each week and these are kept in my slot car toolbox, oh and my restoration cars to keep me occupied between weekly racing.

All the others are kept in big cardboard boxes waiting for the day when I get a place to build my permanent circuit.

Thanks for the tips all, some good cheap alternatives to check out.

All the best,

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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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