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Hi Guys,
Generation II Lane Brain is now in my sights. I will not start this project however until the Gen II car decoder is completed. But best to plan this out now while so the two products can be best integrated together.

So whats on the list?
1. Of course a Nordic nRF/BT chip so its up to date and has app connectivity. We will probably use 52810.
2. 4 additional photodiodes on flyleads for SSD and Carrera compatibility.
3. A bridge rectifier for AC power ala SSD
4. SSD protocols
5. Carrera protocols
6. SCX protocols (pit bay, pit lane functions and lap counting not lane changing)
7. Lane Brain to app or PC for track telemetry and lapcounting.
8. PEARL Programmable Elelctronically Activated Race Line. Stores each drivers lane change preference for each lane changer within the lane changer not car as per existing car chip.
9. Ultima. A combination of PEARL, anti collision and liven flipper for best line tracks using single lane changers with entry and full exit flipper functionality.

4,5 and 6 designed to use Scorpius RMS or proprietary lapcounter depending on situation.

So worlds first (hopefully) multi protocol lane changer/lapcounter electronic board with anti collision and liven flipper (where applicable).

We plan on developing the system for a long time to come yet. Much to do, exciting times ahead.😊

Rick Field
Scorpius Wireless


8,038 Posts
Hi Guys
A bit of background or history.
In 2006 we had plans to only expand the SSD system not actually make an entire new standard.
So we made this little beauty, an SSD only compatible Lane Brain that moulded to fit under an XLC track piece. It is only 7mm thick and has its sensors at exactly 77.5mm centres.
There are 2 lots of sensors, lane change and anti collision. Each sensor board has 5 photo sensors (for sliding cars) and each board can snap off and be reconfigured to a flylead.
It has 4 flipper drivers (entry and exit flipper drivers for both lanes) anti collision, and liven flipper. Easy install just drill 4 holes for sensors, blutac board in place and solder 2 power wires. And its all proprietary coding.
It has 2 way comms via USB with the intention of making it 2 way wireless comms.
In the photo you can see the 2 anti collision sensor boards have been snapped off and placed further up track to get the timing right. It even features 16 car IDs for SSD.

Why is this relevant? The SSD protocols and photo sensor hardware will be going on to Lane Brain Gen II
It was the test mule to test speed and ID reliability. AC snd LC beacons were placed 400mm apart on a 12m purpose built dragstrip using 20V and a 962C with big motor.
We were able to get exact results on m/S and reliability from
IDs 1-16. We found 6 is the limit on reliability. Though some doubt this.



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