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george turner models

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Hi all, just bought a hillman imp casting , its the wide arched version. Could you advise what size wheels would be suitable please. I must commend Mr turner on a fantastic model with so little flash. Has anyone got a link to hillman imp data which would help in my research to produce a specific model, I have found very little on wide low hillman imp. Thanks. Gary
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Thanks Eric, fascinating site, got some ideas from that. Does anyone have a suggestion for wheels and tyre size please, Penelope p?, slot it, NSR???
Thanks to everyone for their help here. Looked at the threads and the varying opinion of the Imp...we will see when its built up. Loved the orange clubman racer in Stans links. Using a nsr shark motor with slot it running gear...should be an interesting few laps to start with. Will post the finished result. Thanks Gary
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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